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We offer music class every week to extend the learning process. Each class has their own dedicated class time to ensure that we meet the needs of each class individually.
Chapel Time

We hold chapel time every week.   Each chapel lesson exposes the children to overviews of the Christian faith. We learn: what the Sanctuary is? Why is it an important place? How we are all special and unique visions of God? And many more topics. We feel it is important to expose our young friends to Chapel time so that they are equipped to spread the word of God to those around them!

Extra-Curricular Activities

We are pleased to offer additional programs for children to take part in throughout the year including:

  • Art

  • Choir 

Summer Camp

During the summer King of Glory offers two opportunities for summer enrichment.

  • Half day Camp for 3 and young four year olds

  • Full Day Camp for Rising Kindergarten through Rising Third graders

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