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Guided by the word of God, the mission of King of Glory School is to provide a distinctly Christian environment where the spiritual, physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs of the young child are met and nurtured.  King of Glory School, a ministry of King of Glory Lutheran Church, provides developmentally appropriate programs for children age’s two to five. 

Many learning experiences appropriate for the developmental level of two, three, four and five year-old children are provided. The interest, ability, and readiness of the child for learning is continually being evaluated and encouraged by the teacher.
We believe:

  • Children grow and develop at unique and individual rates that are often  unrelated to chronological age

  • Children's play is fundamental to their growth and development

  • Children need experience in making choices

  • Children are active participants of their own learning

  • Children learn from one another

  • Children flourish in an environment based on trust

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