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Q:  Is there a written daily schedule that includes active play, quiet play, rest time, and snacks and meals?

A:   Each Classroom has an age appropriate schedule for children that balances active play, quiet time, snacks and rest.  Please be sure to ask to see one while on tour 

Q:  Are there regular opportunities for indoor and outdoor play, and are children supervised at all times?

A:   Each classroom has their own individual schedules which include indoor and outdoor play times.  Children are supervised at all times.

Q:  Is TV viewing limited to short times and appropriate programming?

A:  We limit screen time in all classes to under 10 min at any one time.  Any screen time would be with developmentally appropriate materials/content and would be directly related to the topic being studied. 

Q:  Does King of Glory offer parenting classes or other family support?

A:  Yes we do.  We have a variety of classes throughout the school year.  Please check out this valuable resource for King of Glory Lutheran Church family / child activities:

Q:  Does King of Glory provide lunch (for those programs that eat lunch)?

A:  We do not provide lunch for children at King of Glory.  Parents are encouraged to send in a healthy balanced lunch each day for their child. 

Q:  Do children need to be potty trained?

A:  Children do need to be potty trained for all classes with the exception of the Two Year old class. 

Q:  Do staff members have training in child development and in providing a learning environment for children?

A:  All teachers at King of Glory have a minimum of a CDA (Child Development Associates Degree) and are mandated to attend 28 training hours per year. 

Q:  Have staff members received up-to-date first-aid training and CPR training?

A:  All staff members are trained in CPR and First Aid for children and adults. 

Q:  How to I learn about King of Glory’s Policies and procedures?  (such as Illness policy, snow policy, etc.) 

A:  Please click here to see the Family Guide to read all of our policies and procedures. (add Family Guide)

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